About Us


Addiction is brutal. Addiction is recovery is difficult, but struggling through addiction is much more challenging. You can break free from this, all you have to do is get the treatment you need from professionals who know what they’re doing and how to help you. What you need is comprehensive and personalized treatment that is based around your needs and the circumstances of your situation. But before you can receive the treatment you need to overcome this debilitating chronic brain disease, you need to come to terms with the disorder and admit to yourself that you have a problem. Then, with denial out of the way, you will be able to get personalized treatment in an effective and structured environment.


Our team of experienced and highly skilled staff will offer have a range of therapies in a state-of-the-art building with facilities to cater for a comprehensive range of conditions.


When you first come to one of our drug rehab centers, you will go through withdrawals in our drug detox clinic.

Intensive Rehabilitation

While your body goes through this initial process of ridding itself of the harmful toxins that keep you dependent upon your drug of choice, you will go through some symptoms and side effects.

Day Rehabilitation

To make sure this process goes as smoothly as possible, we need to watch over your progress interminably. This way, we can see to it that your detox is safe, comfortable, and efficient.



After you get through the throes of detox, you will begin individual therapy sessions with a personal counselor.


Here you will work with them to craft a customized addiction recovery program that bends to your needs and is altered throughout to better meet them.


This is where you will also go through screening for any additional dual diagnosis mental health screening and treatment.

Psychological Therapies

Once you get the ball rolling in your addiction recovery, you will be able to move on to further treatment in group therapy and beyond.


Group therapy begins when you are ready to share your story and struggles with others.

Speech and language therapy

These people are going through the same pain and discomfort and know how you feel.